A Welcome Note From The Vault


The initiation of The Vault Beauty Lounge & Urban Retreat stemmed from a need for a modern, fresh approach to salon and spa services. We have been paying close attention to the desires of many individuals and of our community. We understand that the world around us is progressing, and we are on board with working harder than anyone else to serve you. We believe modern day consumers are more savvy with how the spend their dollars than ever before, and they are also smart enough to discern between our substantial and focused treatments, and all the rest. We do not forego any of the luxuries found at traditional spas and beauty salons, however our primary venture is to supply our guests with unmatched quality. We know your time is valuable, so each product and protocol was carefully implemented to deliver fast, measurable results. The Vault has created our ultra-chic Beauty Lounge, where guests can sip a house cocktail and socialize, while receiving their beauty-focused treatments. Our “spa”, or Urban Retreat, tucked away inside an actual vault, is where guests can receive skin and body treatments of real substance, with all of the luxuries and amenities found at traditional spas. For decades, only two categories of spas have existed: Either beautiful and relaxing, but lacking in the delivery of tangible results; Or clinical and harsh. We have broken the mold and have chosen to bridge that gap. We sincerely want transform the quality of our guests’ lives through our craft, but do not want to sacrifice amenities, ambiance, or the deeply personal connection we make with our guests. This welcome note from The Vault is to welcome all of you to take this journey with us. We are absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity to change the game by implementing cutting-edge technologies and therapies, and we sincerely hope you enjoy the ride!

Written by The Vault