In light of COVID-19 The Vault will be supporting the state-provided guidelines in order to keep our clients and team members safe. Please be aware of the following:

We are no longer requiring masks

We will still require masks for anyone who is not fully vaccinated. This includes staff and guests.

You may request that your fully vaccinated technician wears a mask while performing your treatments. We want you to enjoy your time here, without worry!

It remains easy for guests to maintain social distancing—All of our treatments are performed one-on-one, either in private rooms, or in large spaces where the workstations are spread out. Because we are a small company and operate by appointment only, we can only accommodate low volumes of people at a time in those shared spaces.

We will continue to disallow anyone from bringing children or additional guests with them to their appointments.

We will continue with the same sanitation measures as before.

We will still require that guests and staff honestly report experiencing any covid-like symptoms, or have any known exposures to covid-19, and will continue managing accordingly. We may require staff to get tested, and we may require clients to reschedule.

We ask that even fully vaccinated clients wear a mask if they are feeling under the weather, and we will require this of our staff. (Covid-19 isn’t the only contagion out there!)

We rely on client feedback to avoid blind spots. Please continue sharing your concerns so we can ensure your safety, comfort, and care!

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    *Street parking is available for up to 2 hours. The River Center parking ramp is conveniently located just steps away, with entrances on 2nd, 3rd, and Brady Streets. For more details and rates, please click here.