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FUSION MESO is a new concept of beauty and aesthetic treatments. A new approach based on breakthrough systems and meso products. Fusion MESO PEN PLATINUM is without doubt offering the best results in fractional meso, collagen induction and skin stimulation.

Step 1: Clients skin is thoroughly cleansed
Step 2: Topical anesthetic (numbing cream is applied)
Step 3: Anesthetic is removed with 99% alcohol to prevent infection
Step 4: Skin-specific pharmaceutical-grade nutrient cocktails are applied to the skin and microneedled into the skin at varying depts to target specific concerns in each layer of the skin

Application of Bespoke Cosmeceuticals is unique to the Fusion Mesotherapy microneedling treatment, only available at The Vault. After needling is complete, a sterile sheet mask infused with nutrient cocktail and saline provides immediate relief and infuses even more nourishment into the skin. Skin is left sterile and far less irritated than competing Microneedling treatments.

Experience a world of difference with Fusion Meso Microneedling, only at The Vault. (with the video below) @SimplyManders

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