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Plasma Pen, innovated by Louise Walsh International, is the world’s most advanced nitrogen plasma device on the market, that provides a variety of treatments through its non-invasive soft surgery.

Simply put, the Plasma Pen device converts electrical energy into electrostatic energy to create nitrogen plasma gas. Through a combination of highly trained Plasma Pen technician intuition, and the setting selection on our Plasma Pen device, experienced users can change their plasma administration technique to suit each individual client’s needs and skin type.

As we age, our skin’s natural production of collagen molecules slows down dramatically – leading to a deflationary effect on the surface of our skin. This causes us to get fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin as we get older. As the scaffolding of our skin deteriorates, it loses its natural laxity and texture, as the elastin that underpins our skin’s elasticity begins to wear out. Plasma Pen fibroblsating treatments can support this loss in structure with our range of non-invasive, soft-surgical face lifts and skin tightening treatments. Our non-invasive, soft-surgical skin tightening treatment method stimulates the fibroblasts in the skin to significantly tighten, repair and eliminate wrinkles.

Plasma Pen vs Cosmetic Surgery, Laser, Dermabrasion & Chemabrasion

  • We perform many of the same sought-after treatments as surgery – often with similar effects – just without the invasive elements.
  • Patients are fully in control of their preferred outcomes as results are natural looking, cumulative and respond well to successive treatments.
  • Plasma affords significant cost savings compared to comparable alternatives thanks to our long-lasting results.
  • Plasma Pen is a quick, easy, and low-risk procedure with minimal discomfort or side- effects and very short downtimes.
  • No injectable anesthetic is required, no scalpels, no cutting and/or heavy ablation of the skin and no suturing.
  • Unlike laser resurfacing, plasma is completely uniform and does not damage surrounding tissue. There is no thinning of the skin and no open wound.
  • Plasma is non-chromophore dependent and thus not reliant on interacting with the parts of our molecules responsible for color, so we deliver completely predictable and fully controlled
  • heat energy that avoids the excessive collateral thermal injury associated with chromophore dependent laser tissue interaction.
  • The collagen fibers formed by our plasma line up perpendicular to the skins surface – their optimal orientation.
  • Plasma Pen injures tissue more precisely and far more predictably than dermabrasion or chemabrasion.
  • There are no asymmetries or over-corrections.
  • We leave natural and younger looking skin whereas laser treatments and chemical peels can leave the skin thinner, lighter, pigmented and too shiny.
  • Different to micro-needling; there is no open wound/blood, and we are able to always work at a precise and predictable depth of tissue injury.
  • Unlike most medi-aesthetic treatments; we can work safely on the eyelids.
  • Plasma stimulates Collagen I and Collagen III

Learn More: https://www.plasmapenuk.com/us/

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