Beauty Lounge

The Vault’s unique design concept aims to promote both relaxation and fun. We hope that the chic ambiance and upbeat nature of our Beauty Lounge will create an ideal setting for all, whether it’s your last stop before unwinding at home, or the first stop of your fun night out. We encourage our guests to mingle with one another, while sipping on a refreshing beverage, Signature Cocktail, or one of our many comforting teas, and we sincerely hope you enjoy your time here.


The Vault Manicure

This treatment begins with an aromatic steamed towel to cleanse the hands.  Your manicurist will trim the cuticles, buff and file the nails to the desired shape, massage a revitalizing treatment into the hands, and finish with a polish color of your choice.  Our Vinylux polish is guaranteed to dry in less than 10 minutes, and has some serious staying power.



Shellac Manicure

Our Shellac Manicure includes all of the luxuries of our Signature Manicure, and incorporates no-chip gel polish for a sturdy, high-gloss finish. 

The Vault is proud to use only the safest, highest-quality products, to maintain the integrity of your nails.  We also know that your time is precious, so we utilize the newest, most advanced LED lamp with the fastest curing technology.



Dip Manicure

The latest innovation in the world of nails! Dip Powder manicures are a happy medium between Acrylic and Shellac methods. Layers of glazes and colored powders are applied, providing a strong finish without any toxic odors or harm to your natural nail. Dip Manicures can often last longer than Shellac Manicures and will not chip or peel. The Dip Powder will also create a protective layer so that fragile nails may grow out with ease. Must be professionally removed.


"Dip Tip" Nail Extensions

$10   Please notify when booking if you would like to add nail extensions, as this process requires additional time.

The Manly-MANicure

Even a manly-man needs maintenance! We will cleanse your hands with an aromatic steamed towel, then trim cuticles and file down nails.  A light massage with treatment oils will nourish and protect those hard-working hands. 

Clear polish for a sleek finish is also available upon request.



The Vault Pedicure

Sink into our lounge chairs while you soak those tired feet.  Cuticle trimming, callus removal, nail shaping, and a polish color of your choice will bring feet back to life.  Includes a gentle exfoliation for the ankles and feet, and a light massage for the feet and lower legs with our signature quenching creams.   



Shellac Pedicure

Experience all of the luxuries of our Signature Pedicure, and finish with no-chip gel polish cured with our quick and powerful LED lamp.


Argrow's House Pedicure

Argrow’s House is a nurturing community that operates a social enterprise to support female survivors of domestic violence or sexual abuse along their entire healing journey to achieving social and economic vitality. These healing, hopeful hands create all-natural bath and body care products, and The Vault is proud to utilize products of this caliber, and be a part of this wonderful mission. 

Your purchase of this pedicure helps provide financial empowerment and free holistic services to these strong female survivors.

This signature pedicure begins with a luxe, fizzy bath bomb made of natural aromatics, mango butter, and coconut oil. This special soak will leave legs and feet feeling silky-smooth! In addition to all of the luxuries of our Vault Pedicure, this pedicure includes a foot and leg massage that incorporates the hand-made Argrow’s House nourishing body lotion that contains aloe, vitamin E, shea butter, and coconut oil. You will feel a noticeable difference in the level of nourishment! As a gift of gratitude, you will also take home a complimentary full-size, heart shaped, fizzy bath bomb, wrapped in a beautiful organza sachet.

*Perfect for unwinding at home during precious “me time”, or re-gifted to spread awareness for Argrow’s House.


Refresh Mani-Pedi

No frills.  This expeditious manicure and pedicure combo will have you in-and-out within one hour. 


Bachelor PED

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it! While soaking those tired feet, sink into our relaxing lounge chairs with a complimentary drink in-hand, and let us do the rest.  We will trim down overgrown cuticles and nails, buff away calluses, and indulge you in a much-needed massage for the feet and lower legs. 



Enhance your manicure or pedicure with the following:

Almond or Coffin Nail Design           $7

Nail Art                                                         $7 and up

*Although dry to the touch after 10 minutes, Vinylux polish can take up to 24 hours to fully cure. It is recommended to avoid wearing close-toed shoes, avoid swimming, and avoid contact with chemicals within that time period.

*Please notify us when booking if you are wearing any gel polish variety from other nail salons, as this may require additional time for removal.  

Urban Retreat

At The Vault, we believe an overall sense of well-being is achieved by removing stress from the body and mind. To create the most optimal environment for all of our guests, we kindly ask that you switch your cell phones to silent, and converse softly in common areas within the spa. Please enjoy!

Body Re|treat|ments

NEW! Monthly Massage Memberships

60 min, $65 per month
90 min, $90 per month *Best Value

Monthly memberships also include half price enhancements and 10% off all retail. Members also receive priority booking.

The Vault Spa Massage

This full-body massage, tailored to your unique needs, combines our signature aromatics with gliding strokes to provide relief for all levels of muscle tension, and generate relaxation and balance within the body.  For those with multiple areas of concern, we recommend reserving the 90-minute Spa Massage.  If you are sensitive to Aromatic oils, please inform your therapist.

60 min, $70

90 min, $100

To yield more therapeutic results, incorporate any of the following enhancements to your massage:
Prime your skin with with Dry Brushing for $20 or Body Polish for $35
Trigger Point/Stretching for $10
Hot Stone Enhancement for $10
Cupping Enhancement for $20
15-Minute Foot Reflexology for $15


Maintenance Massage

Designed to maintain the results of your full-length massage.  Consists of focused work on areas of concern.
35 min, $45

Stone Therapy Massage

Smooth, heated stones glide across key points of the body, easing muscle tension and providing a deep sense of relaxation.  The direct heat from the stones will expand blood vessels to encourage circulation, and will naturally soften muscle fibers, without the need for firm pressure, making this treatment ideal for those with anxiety, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other chronic conditions. Includes a scalp massage.

90 min, $110


Maternity Massage

Designed for the mother-to-be, this massage incorporates special work on the low back and hips, organic oils, and lighter aromas, to help relieve muscular tension caused by your changing body. May not be recommended during the first trimester.

60 min, $75
90 min, $105


Body Polish

A blend of all-natural sugars, mineral salts, and oils will polish away dull, lifeless skin.  Steamed, aromatic towels will prime both your skin and your senses.  Our nourishing body oils are gently massaged in, leaving the skin smooth and glossy. 

35 min, $50


Dry Brushing

The benefits of dry brushing are endless, and not just skin-deep.  This technique of sweeping the body’s skin with a dry brush will: improve muscle tone and skin elasticity, elicit relaxation within the nervous system, exfoliate, detoxify, reduce cellulite by helping break up fat deposits, increase circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, and stimulate cell activity to improve cell metabolism.  Aromatic steamed towels will cleanse and open up the skin, and our natural body oils will offer a final boost of nutrition. 

25 min, $35


Specific zones of the hands and feet are thought to correspond to different organs and systems within the body.  Small, intensive movements on pressure points will help enhance your overall well-being.  Aromatic steamed towels around your feet/hands will conclude your session on a high note.  
30 min, $40 Hands & feet

Ultimate Urban Detox

The ultimate head-to-toe revitalization.  You will begin your full-body experience by a dry brushing session to break apart cellulite and lymph, improve circulation, and to exfoliate the skin’s surface.   Next, a full-body masque made from French clay, algae, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids will deeply quench the skin, rebalance its pH, and pull out impurities.  While heat from the thermal blanket drives those vital nutrients into the skin, melt away with a shoulder, neck, and foot massage. Aromatic steamed towels will remove the mask, and gliding strokes of nourishing plant oils over your body will complete your experience.  Sip on a detoxifying tea in our lounge at your leisure before re-entering the outside world.

90 min, $125

See Skin re|treat|ments 

Skin Re|treat|ments

The Vault has unified innovative clinical methods with the luxuries of traditional spas, to create a unique new league of skincare treatments. We have carefully selected the most superior products, machinery, and cutting-edge techniques from around the world, in order to deliver measureable improvements in your complexion.


Microneedling M*

Also knows as Collagen Induction Therapy or Fractional Mesotherapy, Microneedling involves an electric “pen” with 9 small needles that pulsates to created about 1,200 micro punctures in the skin. This slight injury to the skin will initiate a series of natural wound-healing events, that result in the substantial growth of new collagen and elastin. The Fusion Meso microneedling system also includes the infusion of concentrated cosmeceuticals solutions containing human growth factors and vitamins to drastically improve the results. Microneedling can be perform as a preventative measure, or as a corrective measure for things like deep creases, pitted acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. It is an attractive option for those seeking safe, fast, and effective improvements in their skin, with far less cost, risk, and downtime than laser treatments.  

 Consultation Required, $200 and up
For needle-free Mesotherapy, see Fusion Meso Facial


The Vault Spa Facial

Your path to better skin will start with a thorough cleansing and exfoliation with steam.  After extracting excessive oil impactions, we nurture your skin back to good health with applications of powerful regenerating products and signature massage techniques for the face, décolleté, shoulders, arms, and hands.  We will finish by quenching the skin with serums and moisturizers for the face, eyes, and lips.  

60 min, $85


Bespoke Facial

Leave it up to our experts to craft a made-to-measure facial treatment that will cater to your unique concerns and desires.  Rather than being limited by pre-set protocols, your esthetician can thoughtfully combine any of our products and machines necessary, in order to help you reach your skin care goals. 

90 min 

Diamond Dermabrasion Facial

This facial includes all of the luxuries of our Spa Facial, with the incorporation of the diamond microdermabrasion resurfacing treatment for your face, neck, and décolleté.  A tiny vacuum wand is encrusted with crushed diamonds, and will glide over the skin’s surface to gently and effectively lift away dull, lifeless skin cells. The degree of resurfacing is completely customizable, rendering our diamond microdermabrasion safe for nearly all skin types. You will experience an immediate, visible reduction of fine lines and pores, and an unparalleled smoothness in your skin.  You will leave glowing like a diamond!

75 min, $120


Fusion Mesotherapy Facial M*

Radio Frequency Mesotherapy is proven to be the most effective method of delivering products into the deeper layers of the skin, without injections or downtime.  The Vault is proud to be the first in our region to incorporate such therapies.  Fusion Meso has formulated a large variety of proprietary, highly concentrated actives to address an array of skin concerns. Your bespoke Mesotherapy treatment will begin with a deep cleanse, skin resurfacing treatment, and extractions. The radio frequency pulses will effectively create pathways to infuse the carefully selected Fusion Meso actives into each living cell, even reaching the dermis. A sculpting facial massage will further improve cell metabolism, while a massage for the neck, décolleté, shoulders, arms, and hands lend all of the luxuries of a spa facial. 

80 min, $150 

Mini Meso Treatment

45 min, $100 


Acne SOS Facial M*

Intended to rapidly rid the skin of acne blemishes, this involved facial treatment starts with a deep cleanse and exfoliation with steam.  Powerful enzymes and hydroxy acids relieve congestion, and the high frequency device eliminates bacteria within the follicle after extractions.  A balancing masque goes to work during a relaxing massage for the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.  A leave-on retinol treatment will rapidly eradicate lesions, both large and small.  
80 min, $120 

35 min, $85 express version; suitable only as a maintenance treatment between comprehensive facials, and for established clients only.  
Diamond Dermabrasion enhancement may be necessary to facilitate extractions, and to expose and treat underlying layers of skin.

Barrier Repair Facial

The epidermal barrier coordinates immunological defenses, and genetics, lifestyle factors and nutritional deficiencies overtime render the barrier dysfunctional.  Impaired barrier function contributes to a host of inflammatory skin disorders such as rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and will keep the skin in an overly-reactive, sensitized state. This facial treatment is as luxurious as our Spa Facial, but also works to improve the skin's immune function by delivering essential nutrients in which the skin is often deficient.  A cleanser rich in Vitamin C and fatty acids, and a charcoal exfoliation treatment will remove impurities without further disrupting the barrier.  A massage with linoleic acid-rich oils will restore balance and reduce sensitivity within the skin.  An algae mask infused with a cocktail of vitamins will reduce inflammation, deeply hydrate, plump, and firm the face.  Nutrient-dense leave-on treatments will offer additional correction and protection.  
75 min, $120
Diamond Dermabrasion enhancement may be necessary for exposing and treating underlying layers of skin.

Bespoke Chemical Peels M*

Image Skincare has created a completely customizable range of medical-grade I-peels and I-enhancers to treat a variety of skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, fine lines and laxity.  The I-peel protocols have been carefully created to reduce irritation and enhance the performance of each formulation.  Your esthetician will tailor each peel to help you reach your unique skin care goals. An exclusive Image post-peel homecare kit comes complimentary with each peel you receive to ensure that you achieve optimal results. 

Consultation required.

35 min, $90

Dermaplaning M*

A guarded blade will gently etch along the skin's surface, removing dead skin cells and "peach fuzz".  A great alternative to facial waxing for sensitive types.  Dermaplaning will help improve the penetration of skin care products, and your makeup will never look smoother.
30 min, $50

M*=Medical aesthetic treatments

Enhance any facial treatment with the following:

  • Bespoke Chemical Peel
    $30 and up
  • Diamond Dermabrasion
  • High Frequency (acne zapping)
  • Algae Masque
  • Dermaplaning


Eyebrows, $20                         Bikini, $40 and up
Lip, $15                                        Brazilian, $70
Chin, $15                                     Chest, $35
Sides of Face, $20                  Full Back, $45
Full Face (3 zones), $40       Full Front, $45    
Nose, $15                                   Brow Tint, $20
Knuckles/Toes, $10               Lash Tint, $25
Underarm, $25                        Brow & Lash Tint, $40
Arm (half/full), $30/35         Brow Wax & Tint, $30
Leg (half/full), $45/65 

For the removal of peach fuzz or for sensitive skin, see Dermaplaning under skin re|treat|ments

Lash Tinting is most ideal for lashes that are blonde, gray, red, or auburn.  You must arrive free of any eye makeup or residues. 

Please inform your esthetician if you have used any retinoids, chemical exfoliants, or have taken antibiotics in the past 2 weeks, as these will cause thinning of the skin.

Lash Extensions

Xperience the Xtreme difference! Xtreme Lashes, the industry leader, promises to deliver the most comfortable, luxurious, and longest-lasting individual eyelash extensions.  A synthetic extension will be applied to each and every one of your own viable eyelashes, resulting in gorgeously full and bouncy lashes. We house certified Xtreme lash stylists. Our stylists are experienced and highly trained , to ensure that you receive the highest-quality, safest application.

Level I
Full Set   $175
Relash    $50 per hour

Xtreme Xpert
Full Set   $225

Relash   $100 per hour

Relash maintenance appointments must be completed every 2 weeks, or as determined by your last stylist.  If it has been longer than 4 weeks between Relash appointments, a new Full Set is required. Clients must arrive for all lash appointments having lashes free of any makeup or residues.  Failure to comply with these standards will result in additional charges.       

Lash Lift   $75
*you must arrive with absolutely no eye makeup, otherwise we will have to reschedule your appointment. It is recommended that you also remove contact lenses prior to arrival.

Brow Lamination   $75