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We’ve Nailed It: Superior Manicures & Pedicures


Have you ever wondered why prices for nail services vary? There could be many reasons, but locally in our area, there is a fundamental difference between getting a manicure or pedicure at a high-quality salon/spa versus one of those “get em in, get em out” strip mall nail salons.

When abiding by board regulations of proper sanitation practices, it will cost you more.
When hiring licensed professionals who actually hold and maintain a license, it will also cost more. When utilizing the appropriate products, rather than off-market products that aren’t regulated, it will cost you more. There are certain wage, health, and sanitation standards in America that The Vault is proud to uphold.

We know that safety is a concern for our guests, and we go to great lengths to ensure that every service here is conducted with the highest standards of practice in order to give you the best results, while keeping you safe.

Several years ago, when UV shellac manicures made a splash, I was perplexed to hear friends say, “I love shellac manicures, but i hate how they destroy my nails.”

Having come from spas of a high caliber, I didn’t understand what kind of destruction they were referring to. I, too, loved shellac manicures, but I never had any issues with my nails breaking down. That is, until one day, in a pinch, I went to the salon on the corner, and walked in for a shellac manicure. I wanted to have fresh, chip-free nails for my vacation. Although I had had horrible experiences at similar salons before (toenail fungus, and plantar warts that cost me 6 months, a couple thousand dollars, and emotional scarring to get rid of), I thought, “well, it’s my hands, not my feet. What’s the worst that could happen?!”

Famous last words…after 2 base coats, 3 coats of color polish, and 2 more top coats, I wondered why the girls at my workplace performed the service so differently. My nails were thick, and indestructible. Things were different, but seemingly okay.

Two weeks later, I had to get these things off of me. So I returned to the same salon and began the soak-off. I wasn’t delicately wrapped with the removing solution on my nails; I was asked to dip my entire fingertips in straight acetone. I already knew this wasn’t okay. The 7 Total coats weren’t budging. I was asked to come sit down at a different station, as the nail tech brought out some electric tools. Out came the drill as the layers of my nail were sanded away. I felt a sting. More soaking in acetone, followed by a harsh scraping with a metal scraper left me almost in tears. I could feel nerve pain and my nails were so thin, I could see pink flesh through them. I felt violated and my fingertips hurt for several weeks after that. I vowed to never go back, even in a pinch.

So what’s different about The Vault?

1. All of the products we use are regulated, and therefore have been approved to be on the market. No off-market base and top coats that require a drill to break through. Our remover is formulated with botanicals and vitamins to ensure the nail beds are nourished in the process.

2. We delicately wrap your nails in remover, and use wooden sticks to scrape away the dissolved polish. You don’t even feel it! No more White fingertips from acetone denaturing the protein on your skin.

3. We also use LED lamps, so there is no reason to fear the harmful effects of UV rays.

4. We use disposable products. From files, to buffers, we will not cross-contaminate or spread infections. Any metal implements that are necessary during the service are disinfected in hospital-grade disinfectant, and then placed into a UV sterilizer. We invest in multiple sets of these implements so that sanitation time is non-negotiable.

5. We apply the appropriate number of coats. Our products will ensure your manicure withstands. We don’t need to resort to other “tricks” that can harm you. So many of our guests have been able to receive shellac manicures for years without “taking a break”.

6. Our pedicure tubs are jetless. There will be no kickback of dirty water from previous guests. That’s just gross!
Jetless tubs are the most sanitary form of tub on the market. Between each guests, they are sanitized with a hospital-grade disinfectant.
7. We hire skilled technicians. They’re worth it. They have experience and superior training to ensure the quality and safety of your services.
8. We abide by the law. Plain and simple. No cheese graters. It takes us more time, but it’s worth it for us to keep you safe!

Those are the most basic of things that we do to keep you safe and to give you a superior service. Nothing makes us more proud than shattering pre-conceived notions, and going against the grain. We strive to do what’s right.

We also try and go above and beyond to grant you a more personal experience here. We take time to get to know our guests, and we invest in you all for the long-term.

Written by The Vault